Sony's Patent for NFTs and Blockchain Tech Uncovered: Disruption Inspired by reNFT?

The world of gaming is no stranger to innovation and evolution. As technology continues to advance, we see game developers and industry leaders pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. One such leader, Sony, has recently started dabbling with the use of NFTs and blockchain technology within the PlayStation ecosystem. The company’s recent patents suggest a foray into NFT rentals on PS4 and PS5, drawing inspiration from the pioneering work of reNFT, the first NFT rental protocol for Web3 projects. In this article, we’ll examine how Sony’s patents relate to reNFT’s protocol and discuss the potential implications for the gaming and entertainment industries.

Sony’s Patents on NFTs and Blockchain

Recent patents filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment indicate that the company is considering introducing NFTs into its PlayStation ecosystem across the PS4 and PS5 consoles. The patents suggest that Sony may be looking to rent NFTs to users through an interconnected system, allowing them to access artwork or assets from popular PlayStation games. The rental marketplace would be accessible from the console itself, providing varied prices for NFTs to both players and viewers of streams.

One of the patents, titled “Time-Restricted Ownership of NFTs,” describes a comprehensive system for players and stream spectators to rent in-game NFTs.

It works by displaying a limited-time offer for a specific NFT on the console’s UI, along with terms of ownership for gamers. Depending on whether the user is a player or a spectator, a different pricing model is applied. For instance, to encourage players to explore a specific game, gamers could be charged a lower fee.

Sony published another patent in November 2022 describing methods for tracking in-game assets using blockchain technology, the paper describes a system and method for tracking digital assets in video games. Coupled with the latest filing, it is clear that the Japanese gaming conglomerate is not slowing down in terms of Web3 gaming and this opens up new possibilities for the integration of these technologies in the gaming industry, potentially making gaming assets more accessible and increasing the value of digital assets for gamers and stream viewers alike.

Inspired by reNFT?

Invention is about creating something new, while innovation introduces the concept of “use” of an idea or method.

In 1889, Charles H. Duell was the Commissioner of the US patent office. He is widely quoted as having stated that the patent office would soon shrink in size, and eventually close, because…

“Everything that can be invented has been invented.”

While we don’t want to delve into the definitions of innovation, invention, and imitation, it’s undeniable that Sony’s “Eureka” moment on NFT rentals appears to draw inspiration from the work of reNFT, the leading NFT rentals protocol has been doing over the past years.

reNFT has developed a multichain protocol and platform that can be white-labeled and integrated into any project, enabling collateral-free in-house renting, lending, and reward automation.

“Time-Restricted Ownership of NFTs”? - Where have we seen that before? 😏

Our protocol opens new economic opportunities for players, digital asset holders, and developers alike. On one hand, it directly empowers players by allowing them to rent out their NFTs, and generate passive income while maintaining ownership of their assets. On the other hand, the rentals protocol boosts game economies by enabling holders of NFT assets to put them to work by renting out NFT assets to use in blockchain gaming experiences, and by enabling new players to experience a game without having to purchase an NFT.

This innovation creates more fluid and dynamic game economies, and their marketplaces, increasing accessibility to digital assets and fostering new use cases within the space. In a nutshell, reNFT rentals protocol supercharges game economies and maximizes player experiences⚡

Hey Sony, we can get you sorted. Let's tag team!

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By basing its patent on the reNFT's solution, Sony validates our protocol use case across platforms within the gaming industry. This adoption would mark a significant milestone for users, as major industry players explore and embrace the concept of NFT rentals in gaming and entertainment and a shift toward a more decentralized, accessible, and innovative landscape.

What would this mean for the games industry?

The gaming sector is booming - and it's tipped to keep on growing. When looking in at the gaming industry from the outside, game development is remarkable successful at innovating.

The integration of NFTs and blockchain technology in gaming is a natural progression for the Web3 movement, which seeks to decentralize the internet and empower users with greater ownership and control over their digital assets. In the gaming context, this could lead to players owning unique in-game assets, such as characters, skins, and items, with verified scarcity and provenance.

With Sony, a major player in the gaming industry, considering the use of NFTs and blockchain, it signals a significant shift towards embracing the Web3 paradigm.

While other digital market segments have gone through small revolutions caused by new tech and business models, the gaming market is only at the beginning of this development. The introduction of blockchain technology and Web3 concepts, will attract new gamers and revolutionize the way consumers play games in general.

As other major gaming companies follow suit, we could witness a fundamental transformation of the global gaming landscape, where gamers have greater control over their digital assets and the ability to monetize their in-game achievements.

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Gamers and content creators can benefit from a thriving NFT rental marketplace, unlocking new revenue streams and enhancing the overall value proposition of digital assets in gaming. Additionally, this development can lead to increased liquidity and utility for NFTs, allowing for broader participation in the NFT ecosystem and fostering new opportunities within the space.


NFT speculation has been a big part of the video game news cycle in 2022 and will continue in 2023 beyond just PlayStation. EA, Zynga, Ubisoft, SEGA, Konami, Epic, Niantic, Nexon, and Netmarble, among many others, are actively involved with different blockchain projects.  

Sony’s exploration of NFT rentals and blockchain technology, based on the groundbreaking work of reNFT, marks an exciting development in the world of gaming and entertainment. If implemented, NFT rentals and a decentralized marketplace for in-game assets could revolutionize how players interact with games, creating new opportunities for monetization and fostering a more vibrant, collaborative gaming environment.

As the industry continues to evolve, we can expect more gaming giants to follow in Sony’s footsteps by adopting Web3 technologies and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of gaming.

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