Polygon & Immutable Joined Forces To Attract Web3 Game Developers

The Web3 gaming landscape is about to witness a significant transformation, thanks to the strategic alliance between our partner Polygon Labs and Immutable. This partnership aims to accelerate the growth of Web3 gaming and make it more accessible to both major gaming studios and independent developers. Polygon is the protocol that can scale hundreds of millions of transactions. Immutable makes it easy for game developers to focus on making great games without worrying about deploying on a blockchain. Let’s dive into the details of this collaboration, its potential impact on the Web3 gaming sector, and why it’s a great milestone for the future of gaming.

The partnership

Immutable, a leading Web3 gaming developer platform, has joined forces with our partner Polygon Labs, the renowned blockchain protocol, to innovate and enhance the Web3 gaming ecosystem. This strategic partnership combines Immutable’s expertise in gaming development with Polygon’s cutting-edge zero-knowledge technology, streamlining the onboarding process for game studios and developers in the Web3 space.

According to the media releases, this collaboration aims to offer a solution that expedites time-to-market, providing access to a vast and liquid ecosystem for end-users. By merging the best of both worlds, the partnership is set to pave the way for mainstream adoption and bring digital ownership to millions of gamers worldwide.

$2B were injected into games building on Polygon and Immutable from VC in 2022 alone. These games haven’t even been seen yet by the world, and we think they will usher in a paradigm shift in how people perceive the importance of gamers having more ownership over the way they spend in games.

Opportunities for Web3 Gaming

1- Scaling and Accessibility: The combination of Immutable’s zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) and Polygon’s scaling technology aims to scale transactions 100 to 1,000 times more than before. This increased scalability will make Web3 gaming more accessible to a broader audience, fostering a more inclusive gaming environment.
2- Lower Transaction Costs: Polygon’s zkEVM technology focuses on reducing transaction costs while ensuring compatibility and security with Ethereum, the layer-1 blockchain. Lower transaction costs will make Web3 gaming more appealing to both developers and gamers, boosting the overall growth of the industry.
3- Collaboration and Ecosystem Expansion: Both Immutable and Polygon have established extensive gaming ecosystems through partnerships and integrations with gaming studios, traditional businesses, and crypto companies. The alliance will further strengthen these ecosystems, fostering innovation and attracting more players to the Web3 gaming space.
4- Mainstream Adoption: As the partnership focuses on abstracting away the technical jargon and making the gaming experience more seamless and enjoyable, it will play a crucial role in driving mainstream adoption of Web3 gaming.


The Polygon-Immutable alliance is poised to revolutionize the Web3 gaming industry, making it more accessible, scalable, and enjoyable for gamers and developers alike. By leveraging each other’s strengths and fostering innovation, this collaboration sets the stage for a future where digital ownership and decentralized gaming become the norm.

With billions of dollars invested in the development of games built on both platforms, the potential for growth in the Web3 gaming market is immense. As the world eagerly awaits the unveiling of these new gaming experiences, the Polygon-Immutable partnership is undoubtedly a significant milestone in the evolution of the gaming industry.

At reNFT we applaud this initiative and we look forward to working together to directly offer our wide range of NFT renting and lending solutions to the Immutable/Polygon-partnered games across the new ecosystem.

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